Maybe they should have gotten a few Hubitat Elevations


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This is why i dont want 100% software controlled devices. I’ve seen posts about people wanting to remove physical light switches and just control their smart lights with an app. I never thought a school would be dumb enough to follow that model :rofl:

The world never ceases to amaze :heart:


For anyone in MA looking to get into politics, I bet that some school board seats are about to become vacant.


Honestly the majority of systems in large buildings are on hardware drivers that are software controlled.


What kind of insane system did they install that takes from Nov 2021 until just recently to get replacement parts?!?!?

Reminds me of my High School which was brand new and opened for my Junior year. Supposedly the person who designed and/or was trained on how to control the HVAC system quit or something, and no one knew how to change the settings. In the winter it would get so hot in some of the rooms we had to open windows (this was in Illinois).

I agree, but in this case some of the report is suspect. There has to be more to the story.

  1. By code all lights have to be on breakers. I suspect there is more to the story.

But ever since the software that runs it failed on Aug. 24, 2021

So it means whomever wrote or maintained the software quit and the support company didn't have software documentation standards. Or the system crashed with no backup.

Also note the solution is to replace the hardware with likely new different hardware. And the cost of the hardware conversion was not mentioned !

I had an electrical engineer working for me. He had run for a board of education position in his town and won. Periodically he would tell us some stories of the (non technical) board making decisions on things they had no clue about. He said it was "scary".

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