Mattress Pad rule to turn on at certain temp between times and turn off if no one is home @ 3am

Good afternoon,

Hopefully I did this correctly. I setup a rule that runs from 8pm - 8am. If my room temp hits 68 or lower, turn on heated mattress pad . If 69 or hotter, turn off but if it's 3am and I am not home, turn off. Last turn off heated mattress pad switch at 8am.

Thanks in advance for your help and comments.

I would suggest breaking this up into two rules:

Rule 1:

Required expression:
Time between 8:00PM and 8:00AM

Trigger Events:
Temperature of My Room Motion <= 68.0


On: My bed warmer (command only switches that are off)
Wait for event: Temperature of My Room motion is >= 69.0
Off: My bed warmer (command only switches that are on)

The second rule can be triggered at two times: 3AM and 8AM to turn off the mattress pad. With an IF block at 3AM to only do so if your presence sensors are "not present".


Thank you! This makes more sense. I will make this change.

Now I understand why the option "command only switches that are on/off" exist.


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