matterTools Library

For those interested, I have created a series of libraries that you can use to build Matter drivers.

These libraries expand on the existing hubitat matter.XXX methods by allowing designation of endpoints and by supporting child devices. I will be detailing key librariesin a series of separate posts.

In addition, I will update the wiki on my site


Very good work, @jvm33 !

Do you plan to pack the drivers and the libraries in a Bundle or in an HPM package?

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I could. A bundle is an easy ask. I'm less familiar with HPM. In both cases, I'm prioritize documenting first and you'll see a number of post documenting.

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Yep,; the documentation is a very important part!

I had to quarantine your HPM Repository today due to errors:

app:897 2024-02-09 12:23:22.876 PM info Retrieving list of installed apps
app:897 2024-02-09 12:23:01.817 PM warn Unable to Refresh JVM (@jvm33)
app:897 2024-02-09 12:23:01.799 PM info Downloading package manifests

You removed your intermediate JSON and it's not functional anymore.

  	"name": "JVM (@jvm33)",
  	"location": ""

The original (repository.json) no longer exists. In fact "HubitatCustom" is gone as well..

I found HPM quite complicated to install and use compared to bundles :smiley:

Thanks for the reminder. I've updated github with a v1.9.2 Bundle, replacing the v1.9.0 that's been there for so long. :slight_smile:

OR, use this Import URL:


Actually, it was a good thing that the Bundle had 1.9.0 because that gave a new user the opportunity to learn about the Update feature of HPM. On the downside, Update sometimes could be problematic when HPM tried to update itself, not a pleasant experience for a first-time HPM user.

HPM is such a very important utility for Hubitat, almost on a par with Rule Machine. Dominick Meglio made a great contribution to the platform by developing HPM, and you are making a great contribution by carrying it forward. Thanks, @csteele.


I encountered that as I was building the v1.9.2 Bundle. I feel I know how to fix it in a VERY UGLY WAY, but to honor Dominic's superb work, I am hunting for the pretty way :smiley: :smiley: