Matter Support Released

I did a channel scan... the Google thread did not show up.

What issues have you had with the Nuki 4? Im about to get a Nuki 4 Pro (Pros are all gen 4 now), mainly because it is one of the few that properly integrates with my particular UK door setup.

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I have the non-pro version of the Nuki 4 lock, but I don't think it makes a difference.
In my setup it is rather unreliable. I have it commissioned via Apple Home, then paired to both Hubitat (in my custom driver, I can only receive the lock/unlock status, no control) and SmartThings hub. My Nuki 4.0 lock occasionally loses connectivity to the HomePod Mini TBR, it can not be controlled, and the status of both AppleHome and ST cannot be updated. In my HE custom drivers, I am pinging the Matter devices every 15 minutes, and there are timeouts, while at the same time, the other Matter over Thread devices are online and working fine. The current Nuki 4.0 lock firmware version is 4.1.0

Nuki is constantly improving the firmware, but at this time, it is not reliable enough for me.

Update: even the firmware version is reported incorrectly via the Matter interface, their apps shows 4.2.8

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Fancy sharing I have been trying to work on one as well but I'm not a coder so could do we some help.
Got somewhere but missing something

I'm on 4.2.8 so your quite out of date. 4.2 was a big reliability update.


I'm not having any issues that I know of connected to GH but without the hubitat driver I may not know.

Here is a typical HE log screenshot, where the Matter connection to the Nuki lock is periodically lost.. : (

Nuki logs

At the same time, the Zemismart M1 Matter bridge has been rock solid:

Zemismart logs

But every environment is different...

To not derail this general discussion thread, we can comment on the Nuki lock test results in the Matter Advanced Bridge thread.

Notable News in the Matter world:

  1. V1.3 of the spec was just released: Matter 1.3 Specification Released - CSA-IOT - Power monitoring and additional devices added. - Heat pumps and water heaters are planned for V1.4

  2. Yet none of the major players are supporting V1.2 yet, and seem somewhat slow to keep up: Matter 1.3 arrives with new device type and features - The Verge

  3. Matter Arduino has been released, and is available for purchase: Arduino Nano Matter: Community Preview — Arduino Online Shop


Aqara has now released the Global version of their M3 hub - it is a Matter Controller, Matter Bridge and Thread Border Router. Available on Amazon.


Interesting. I just had a Nanoleaf essentials bulb do this. I didn't even realize it was showing nonresponsive. I rarely control that one. It is almost completely automated. It has been responding to its rules and automations fine. Since I picked up the March update, they have all been very stable until this bulb today. But I think the bulb in general went bad. In trying to restore it, I ended up taking it out of HomeKit and hubitat, factory resetting it, and now it won't add back,

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My current details

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I'll admit, I'm not totally sold on matter yet. I won't be going out of my way to replace working devices with matter. At this point it's interesting to play with. The only exception is that one bulb, I'll replace with another, primarily because I really like the richness of the Nano leaf essentials. Until this bulb, ever since the March update these bulbs have been very stable for me. I really do believe this particular bulb just went bad given that even after a factory reset it won't pair again, to either the Nanoleaf app or HomeKit.

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How would the Aqara M3 hub work with Hubitat, would you pair the hub with the hubitat, then anything that "pairs" with the Aqara hub would show as controllable devices in Hubitat or am I getting this all wrong?

Trying to see what uses this would add to an existing Hubitat system thanks.

I have an M3 hub although I haven't played with it extensively. It paired to Hubitat as a 'bridge'.

The way Aqara have implemented this is that any device within M3 e.g. ZigBee seems to be accessible via HE however any devices paired to the M3 bridge via Matter do not get onwardly exposed from M3 to HE which is what I had hoped and yourself I think. I suspect Aqara reason this can already be achieved directly in Matter already although they don't provide a 'share' function themselves to assist within M3. My Hue system gets into M3 via Matter but does not propagate onto HE this way for example although there are other better ways for this anyway

There are currently very few devices that will pair over Matter to the M3 but after poor feedback from users Aqara have just announced they are expanding this significantly so it should get better. Aqara are responding quickly on Reddit with OTA updates as users are raising issues.

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I added an Aqara M3 a couple of days ago to my setup,

I was trying to improve my control of the E1 curtain motors.

After a couple of attempts the curtain motors appeared as child devices under the M3 hub and I can control them directly from Hubitat.

There is a slight issue in that the controls are reversed i.e. if I click open the curtain closes and vice versa.

I need to investigate this a bit further to see if I can get the curtains and buttons to match up.

Interesting. I am about to do this with my E1 roller shade motors. Hipefully k will have time this weekend!

Mostly the same here. It is still a bit of a novelty at this point. I am somewhat surprised that there aren't more Matter devices available. It seems to be limited to mostly bulbs and a few other items at this point, not a full range of stuff that I thought we would see.

But then again, I was making fun of the people various places online who predicted that Matter would be a instant hit, and would take over the world in no time. Zigbee and Z-wave were toast! They were switching all their devices to Matter!!!

That was probably 2 years ago now. I said then that it would be years upon years before Matter took hold, and I guess I was right. Meanwhile, Zigbee and Z-wave seem to be the same as ever, I don't see any evidence their market share has dropped significantly.

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I am still and will, for the foreseeable future, be a fan of Z-wave. If matter becomes more stable, and there are more devices available AND those devices can fulfil my needs better than Z-wave, I will consider them. I may still consider Matter to get rid of my last three ZigBee bulbs and will replace my hue sensors with z-wave when the 800LR Zooz outdoor motion sensors are rereleased. Generally, I want to move away from Zigbee.

Same, I see matter being good for colour bulbs and smart appliances, but for most other things I’ll stick to zwave too.

What's the general recommendation when trouble-shooting flaky devices. I have a Tapo Matter Wi-Fi plug that started not responding consistently to commands (control via Pico/button rules and from the Device page).

I ended up removing it from HE and also from Googel Home commissioning device, and re-adding it. Should I have saved time (and frustration, joining using GH app is still an unreliable PITA) and just removed/re-added to HE? Likely same results either way, or ?

It is difficult to say what could be the reason for this instability, without having any statistical or debugging data.

You can experiment with the Matter Bridge driver, it counts the number of the re-initialisations when the Matter device does not respond when pinged. By default, the Ping period is 15 minutes.

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Many bulbs and switches, also among currently on-sale devices there are also a few locks and thermostats, RGB strip light controllers, roller shades, an air purifier, motion and light sensors, door/window contact sensors. Lots more that has passed certification, but still not readily available. More complete list of what has passed certification is here: CSA Matter Certified Devices