Matter stops working

Just updated my C8 to and after rebooting the hub the one test Matter device that I have stops working. On the Matter Settings page it has a RED X under the status. Last time this happened was when I updated to The ONLY way I could get it to work again was to factory reset the Matter Plug, re-add it to Alexa and re-add it to Hubitat. Any idea what might be going on?

The same here, have 6 devices and after the update each of them were gone, even the Eve devices, which had been reliable all the time.
The Nanoleaf stuff always had been flaky, but now completely dead.
Shut down Hub for 15 minutes, disabled and re-enabled Matter, no dice.

Any idea how to make it work without factory resetting my devices?
Has to be a flaw in this update?!


Edit says: Hub C8 standard

I let my system alone over night, waiting for the solution from someone on the community smarter than me. Magically worked the next morning.

Yep, I had such strange offline/online events too, I have no clue for the reasons. Matter connectivity diagnostics are still to be improved.

Just checked this device, not responding via Hubitat, shows offline on the Matter page, but continues to work via the Alexa app. Aleza is my Thread network,

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Thanks for the hint, man, powercycling my Google Nest Hub did the trick!
Glad I didn't attempt to reset my devices. :slight_smile:

I just discovered today that there is a firmware update for the S4 plugs that is supposed to fix this issue. Problem is, update can ONLY be applied via an iOS app.