Matter needs IPV 6? Will this ever be ready for prime time?

I've tried several matter devices lost all of them failures. Now I just got a new Midea U shaped air conditioner and get a load of what the instructions say:

Thankfully the AC supports wifi, because here we have another matter failure.

Wi-Fi is one of the native underlying "physical" layers for Matter; they aren't mutually exclusive. Your unit is probably Matter over Wi-Fi, possibly with or without an additional manufacturer-specific/proprietary Wi-Fi option or other Wi-Fi integration as well.

As for what the manual says: I suspect they are confused. Matter does use IPv6, but it forms its own "link local" network and does not need IPv6 on your router AFAIK. It's certainly possible for them to require it for some reason anyway, but that would be fairly uncommon and is not a Matter concern per se.


I'd agree, but it is quite surprising as they are the leading window A/C manufacturer in the states. If they don't understand Matter correctly, we might have a "failure to communicate"

Large home appliance manufacturers rarely lead the way when it comes to smart home tech, IME.


True. I'd hope with 40 billion+ revenue they could afford a decent team of hardware/software engineers.
In any event the WiFi control works perfect. We're lucky? to be the ones to wait for a firmware update of our appliances :grin:
Which reminds me, my shoes are running old firmware-in the not too distant future