Matter Devices and webcore

Following the latest HE update, my c7 hub can now support matter.
I don’t know too much about matter, but believe it is more standard than other protocols. So I’m wondering about device handlers and integration to webcore. Will you still need specific handlers for each device, or are there standard generic ones for device types?

This will not change the way webCoRE works. It is ultimately just an app on the hub, and like any app, it can "talk to" any device as long as the device is on your hub, which means the device would need a driver to function properly. Apps don't care what protocol a device uses; the role of the driver is, in part, to abstract this responsiblity away from apps.

What it may change is that drivers may become easier to write or that there may be fewer to maintain (for this protocol). Hubitat has a number of built-in "Generic Matter..." drivers that work with a number of similar devices.

It should be noted that Zigbee (ZHA 1.2/Zigbee 3.0) and especially Z-Wave are also standardized but sometimes still require device-specific drivers -- and Matter is largely based on relevant parts of the former. Hubitat also has a number of "Generic Zigbe..." and "Generic Z-Wave..." drivers, and I'd expect Matter to be similar but probably not worse. :smiley:


Thanks for your explanation, I suspected it would be more around HE drivers than webcore.
I’m curious how matter pairing works, I’ve seen the option to add a matter device, but wonder if the add by brand will also work. I should probably buy a few devices and have a play! Hopefully hubitat will support more of the matter devices available in europe. I’m interested in the Aquara FP2 presence sensor

FP2 is not exposed by Aqara via Matter yet.

If your model is listed, it should, though I haven't actually tested this (with any Matter device, even enough to see if any are actually listed). If you know your device protocol, I'd just use the protocol-specific buttons; the brand selector doesn't do anything different aside from presenting Instructions if Hubitat has them (e.g., it will not affect what driver you end up with--or anything else).

Thanks. I thought some of the features of the FP2 worked, but you had to use the Aquara app to set it up. Its quite an expensive device though, and its the more advanced features I’m interested in, so probably worth waiting for it to be supported. I maybe getting confused with what you can do with it in home assistant, but would rather connect it directly to HE, rather than via my HA instance.