Matching Roller Shades to Motor?

I thought I'd order and automate a roller shade in my office as a test run for the rest of the house. How on earth do you match up the shades from a manufacturer like` to the motors on someplace like Zemismart? The tube sizes and materials seem to vary. Do I have to wait until they come in before I order the right diameter motor? I feel like I'm missing something. I'm curious how others have tackled this and got roller shades working...

I'm not set on either` or Zemismart if there are better solutions.

Is yours simply a pull shade or is there a rope/chain?

I haven't purchased them yet, but I'd prefer to avoid the chain.

Have you thought about Ikea? Blackout only, and you can have any color you like, as long as it is grey. But they aren't pricey, and do work.

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Yes, I did look at those, including the process of cutting them to fit. Those would be fine for my office where I'd actually prefer gray, but I was hoping to find some combination that is a little more customizable and is going to work in our formal dining room and living room. I've even thought about replacing the fabric on the Ikea ones, but it seems like roller shades are closer to vinyl (rigid, lay flat) than actual fabric.

I'm hoping the answer isn't to spend $300+ per window . :grimacing:

I picked up some Bali Blinds when Home Depot had them on sale for 40 or 50% off. Still not a cheap solution but they are nice blinds. I have three of them in a bay window and instead of just covering the window they cover the wall floor to ceiling. Every weekday morning the reliably open up at 7am.

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I purchased a local blind, then measured the inside diameter of the roll and purchased a Zemismart motor that would fit. It did fit perfectly and works like a charm.

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We have a giant roman shade in our kitchen that uses a chain, the Zemismart AM43 works like a dream with it

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Welp, here I am again. Good thing I searched because I found my own thread. Lol

Got inspired to try to figure this out again. Still can't figure out how to match the two when roller blinds don't say the tube size before you buy them.

I would definitely do the Ikea ones if I knew I could replace the fabric. I know they can be trimmed down to fit an opening, but Jo-Ann's doesn't appear to have that type of fabric.