Massive speedup expected

Well, who knows, maybe . . .

I was working on a dashboard today and I remembered the tip about not enabling all your devices for a dashboard. I decided to check out my inventory of dashboards and, to my horror, I found that most of them were configured to include all my devices. So, I went through and set them all to only use the necessary devices. I am anxiously awaiting the increased processing speed.

A suggestion based on that experience. It's a real pain to enable just the devices you need. It would be really nice if you could select all your devices while building the dashboard and then click a magic button that would enable only the ones that you had used on that dashboard.


You'll only see the increased speed while opening or using the particular dashboards for which you limited the number of enabled devices.

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Darn. I was hoping for a Turbo HE !!


I likewise did that today. My optimism is somewhat diminished since, shortly thereafter, the rootin' tootin' rebooter rebooted.

I think it would be nice to select devices by capability on the dashboards.

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I agree, that would be very helpful.

If you go to the apps page, you can do just that. Click on the dashboard title and it will take you to the settings where you can turn off all devices and just choose the ones that you have in your dashboard and save it. I did this and it worked great. You probably already knew this, but I thought I'd say it in case there are some new users reading this post.

I think @Eric.C.Miller is really talking about selecting all devices to begin with, add devices to the dashboard, and then click a magic button to remove all other devices that are not being used. This would be very useful.

I kinda got that as I clicked reply, but I left it because, again, new users. Being helpful and all. Might not get that right away. It WOULD be a great feature.


I would like the additional capability for the app to automatically keep the ones enabled that I have used in the Dashboard and disable the others.

When creating a dashboard it would be nice if you could select the devices by type to be enabled. A check box to enable all contact sensor devices, a check box to enable all motion sensors, a box for all shades . . .

Another nice bonus would be when you attempt to add a device that is not already enabled, that you would prompted asking if you want to add the device. Right now it doesn't show on the device list so you have to go to the app, enable it, then switch back to the dashboard editor to add it.

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