Massive Dashboard/Gaming Coffee Table

Hey Nerds, has anybody ever seen these IR frame devices. Apparently they turn a TV into a touch screen using infarred. I am thinking of starting a project to create a Coffee table that will be a dashboard and a gaming device. Anybody have any thoughts/suggestions?

I am pretty sure I want to use Android due to the ease of touch capable gaming. One of my concerns is that a lot of android boxes are low powered. I am now thinking a cheap generation old high end cell phone using usbC to HDMI may be the way to go.

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Off topic but I recall the first Microsoft Surface device I saw (several years back) was a table.

I think I remember that too.

Today it doesn't even look like it will be difficult to do. Trying to decide size, thinking 43". I'm looking at my 55" tv and it looks way to big for a coffee table.

How about some thoughts for sensors and other smart home stuff to do some either useful or rediculious things?

How would prevent setting down your nachos and turning off the lights by accident?

LOL, hadn't thought of that. I know the jpage has a toggle in the settings to disable commands, so maybe I'll need to figure a way to control that with a physical button.

Seriously, this sounds like a cool idea. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

You can do something like this

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