markInUse command in presence driver - what's it for?

I noticed the built-in device driver for mobile phone presence recently added a new Command called markInUse with a string parameter. Anyone know what that is for?

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Not totally sure, but looks like maybe it's a way to indicate which user or person is attached to this device? Looks like it just adds a note for "Used by (whatever text in string box)"I hadn't seen this before, I think it may have been recently added..

My guess is internal use by the mobile app (and perhaps something that shouldn't be exposed if possible), but I guess @moncho1138 would know for sure. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for responding. I was mostly just curious. It seems harmless enough. I just changed the setting in my dashboard app to hidden so all is well now. Pinging a few others who might know what this is for... @gopher.ny @bravenel

Saw a reply about this elsewhere--it's just way for you to make a note for yourself, like which real-world device is using this hub device (e.g., if you have both a phone and an iPad or two phones using the app, etc.):

(I'd probably make a logical name for the device itself, which will also show in more places, but I guess this is another option...)