Manually simulating Safety Monitor

Hi all
Sorry for the n00b question but I haven't got my HE yet so I can't play to test..... Can the safety monitor also be set up manually through rules? As far I see, it is just an easy way of setting up some if/then statements. Is that correct or is there something else behind this I don't understand. I ask as I am planning some weird and customised alarm routines that I don't think safety monitor would be able to handle.

You can change modes via RM and tie them to HSM or change the HSM state directly via RM rules, if that's what you're asking?

You can, but you'll have to have something to track the arm state (virtual switches, global variables, or whatever you want) and keep in mind that it won't be as seamless as what you'd get with HSM, ways to manipulate which are built into a variety of stock apps. This would involve quite a lot of work, and most of what you'd be doing is duplicating what Hubitat already provides.

My suggestion to start would be this: explain what you're trying to accomplish and what you think HSM can't do. It's quite likely someone will come up with a way that it can. :slight_smile: (One such way might include using RM to supplement what other stock apps can do here--it can change the arm state of HSM and also trigger of intrusions, delays, and other things exposed by HSM--to perform whatever you want.)

Thanks for the replies. Once I have everything mapped out, I will ask for some advice. I am still deciding on how I want things to work. It's just that what I am looking at isn't as simple as an armed state. I want different reactions depending on what sensors go off (e.g. outside sensor sends a warning while inside sensor does full alert). I also want different means of arming/disarming and not just a button/app. I have another post where I've asked about having the sequence of an upstairs motions sensor being triggered followed by a downstairs one turning the alarm off (e.g. I get up at night and go downstairs). It just didn't look like that was possible in HSM.

I'd definitely start with HSM and see if it can do what you want. You're definitely not limited to buttons for arming and disarming, for example. You can create any rule you want to modify HSM status. Your inside/outside distinction could maybe be handled by different arm states (armed-home vs. armed-away if you're not already using that for something) and definitely by just using RM to supplement HSM--for example, something like " if motion detected outside and HSM armed, then send notification."

Your motion sensor is tricky but would still be tricky with a rule. I'd again just use RM to supplement HSM here: you could create a rule that triggers on the first sensor becoming active, waits for the second to become active (or time out), and act accordingly after.

Just a few ideas!