Malware site at myhubitat*.com*

I did not know where to send this and could not find a way to connect directly with the Hubitat staff.

I accidentally typed myhubitat*.com* (the asterisks are to make it not clickable in this message) instead of It is clearly a malware site. I reported it to google but wanted to let the community know.



FYI that won’t work. The forum software will still turn the text before the asterisk into a link.

Also I’m not sure what you’re seeing at that site, but it doesn’t “clearly” look like anything to me. See screenshot below.

Thank you. I edited it to make it unclickable.

When I returned to the site after posting this, I got the same site you did above. However, when I tried a different browser I got the fake Microsoft site again. It did leave cookies that I have deleted. I will leave additional investigation to others.

Thanks again.

I got a fake Apple site when I visited the URL, so it must be constantly changing or pointing to different content at random.

In any case, I don't really see what Hubitat can do about something using a domain they don't own, besides maybe report such use to the registrar (as anyone can) and see if anything comes of it.


Did you include the period between my and hubitat? If not looks like it's a parked domain to try and snag people that type the address wrong. goes it is supposed to.

I believe that’s exactly the point the OP made in the OP:


Thanks for the suggestion. I looked up the registrar and sent an abuse report. Who knows whether that will help.

However, I do think it is in Hubitat's best interest to do anything they can when someone is trying to scam their customers. Even if it is just making a report.

Thanks again.

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