Making the leap into Hubitat

I have a half dozen Lutron Caseta in-wall switches. My hub isn't the pro so in addition to the HE I also ordered a Lutron pro hub.

I also have some Hue bulbs, and some Amazon Echos and Shows (but not the ones that function as hubs).

The reason I am moving to Hubitat is the configuration options on the Hue smart dimmer and Hue smart button are atrocious. Can't even do simple things like "1 press = 50%" "2nd press =75%" etc and, of course it would mean mounting it on the wall next to the existing in-wall switch. Poor solution IMO.

I get the gist of Hubitat, the rule engine etc. I'm a programmer so I don't expect any issues understanding it.

Redoing the bedroom and it has a Lutron Caseta in wall dimmer that controls one outlet. I want to add wall sconces across the room with Hue bulbs, and have the Lutron dimmer control them.

Any basic things anyone thinks I should know or be prepared for, the advice will be greatly appreciated.

Lutron Caseta is definitely my go-to switch and I have dozens of them. I do wonder about using a Lutron dimmer to control an outlet. I'm not an electrician by any means but it seems like that might lead to issues if someone, say, plugs a vacuum cleaner into that outlet.

I would keep you hue bulbs on your hue hub and use the hue integration for HE to control them. Devices like dimmers can be (and I think should be) directly paired to HE. Until recently the Hue integration with HE has relied strictly on HE polling the Hue hub. If a device talking to a Hue hub made a change to a Hue light it would take at least one polling interval for HE to figure out something had changed. Some of the newer integrations do not work this way and may yield more immediate results.

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I wired the outlet (that the Lutron dimmer controls) so that it's only the top outlet that it controls and I always have a light plugged into it. But you're right, an iron or something might fry it, especially if you tried to dim it.

It's nice to be able to use it as a traditional switch in case I'm having issues with my automations.

I just realized if I leave it the way it is, the Lutron switch will control the outler irrespective of HE. So if I make a rule that a single press on the power button turns on the Hue bulbs across the room, it'll also turn on the outlet. Not what I want.

I want to be able to do things like 1 press turns on the floor lamp, 2 press turns on the sconces, 3 press turns on all of them. I assume for this to work I need to have the outlet always hot, and use HE to control a Hue bulb in the floor lamp or get a smart plug module.

Wait, is it possible to pair my Lutron dimmer switches to HE without a Lutron hub?

No... HE will control them via telnet. The integration will create devices on HE for you... Then you use the devices in your rules.

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Do people typically move everything over to Hubitat? For example, a light on my balcony is controlled by a Lutron in wall switch, and I have it integrated into Alexa for voice commands. I don't need that light nor switch to do anything else. So can I just leave it the way it is and have Alexa control it via the Lutron hub, or will I have to move it over to HE?

Integrate everything into hubitat, then use alexa for voice control. Otherwise HE can't see the status of anything. The integration is quite easy.


OK thanks. I'm sure I'll be here quite a bit the next week or two. I'm excited because I'm a gadget geek and enjoy figuring stuff like this out.

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It's a great community with a lot of helpful people.... Also when you're ready I'll tell you the secret of not popcorning lighting when sending commands to multiple lutron lights... :slight_smile:

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Why time-bound yourself :slight_smile:

@rlithgow1's approach is one I share. I call it the "one hub to rule them all" method. All of my automations are on HE even if another hub controls communication with the device. The ONLY exception is occasionally I need an Alexa routine to simplify things. For instance, I use a routine to translate "Alexa, hangover mode" to dim the lights 50%. But that's about it.


Mount a pico in a double gang plate next to the lutron dimmer.


Lutron is 100% the best. The integration with Hubitat is rock solid and seamless. Pico remotes are your friend. I use them for everything. The Lutron integration allows them to play in the same sandbox with everything else. They mount well too with the Lutron mounting adapter. I have close to 40 Lutron dimmers/switches and they work great with Hubitat. I also have a hue bridge integrated and it works great as well with the cocohue integration. The power of "Rule Machine" coupled with Lutron and Hue devices is powerful.

Here is a pico mounted:

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Yup, that's a great idea, I've already bought enough Lutron sruff to have a couple extra.

My hub isn't the pro so in addition to the HE I also ordered a Lutron pro hub.

You do know you need the Lutron - L-BDGPRO2 device to work with Hubitat right?

That is the pro hub... The pro1 hasn't been made in a long time. Though if they get leap going on Hubitat then you could use the standard hub which would be cool...

Yes, I know. That's what I ordered. The pro hub.