Making Devices Available to Harmony

I believe that the way devices are exposed to Alexa is via a simulated Hue Bridge, right? I was thinking that is that was true, maybe I could add my devices to my Harmony Home control Remote as well. Hue is supported, and I already have hue lights added, Anyway, just a thought.

I know harmony support is on the road map, and I'll wait patiently for that. It's something I use but not exensively. But the other way, controlling local devices with my Harmony remote, would be great. I dont mind a hack if needed for now.

I don’t believe it is currently possible to get the harmony hub to pair with hubitat because harmony requires “authorization” (press the hue button on top of bridge) during pairing. I too have tried to do this with no success. Harmony can see Hubitat (as hue bridge) but won’t pair.

Any news on an update or app to include this function? I am trying to integrate my Hubitat to replace a Vera Plus and HA Bridge setup. I am trying to integrate turning on and off a logitech harmony scene that will also activate a adb script for a nvidia shield. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I’m looking for this too! Don’t care about the harmony activities, just want the remote to be able to turn a switch on.

This is the one thing I’m still using my SmartThings Hub for. I have harmony control a virtual switch on smartthings, that then links to hubitat to control automations.

I tried to get a virtual dimmer that i could control with my remote working and then sync it with the lights in hubitat, but wasn’t able to easily get it to work and I moved on to other things.

I'd also like to have this feature. I was expecting that the Harmony would see the "Hue" devices the same as Amazon is.

This feature will be amazing to have, I am already sold on Hubitat only thing stopping me is my current setup as unpredictable as it is with SmartThings harmony home-control buttons are so useful, to not have them set up on Hubbitat as I do on SmartThings will probably wreck my marriage, wife uses the buttons every time dimming lights & controlling things, I fear to migrate without the ability to use the
home-control buttons will wreck everything, I prefer to use the voice assistants but wife and kids are quite hands on people, until this feature becomes available ill patiently wait and be hopeful

Logitech is not accepting new integrations, so a native Hubitat to Harmony Hub integration probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

You could use HubConnect to mirror some Hubitat devices to SmartThings, and then use the ST to Harmony integration to keep those buttons working.

Perfect workaround.

I do that. I use the switches in an HE rule to turn scenes on. And with virtual switches, you don't even need the ST hub. Mine is in a drawer now.

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