Making Bosch and ST motions available to Alexa routines for notifications?


I’m just over two weeks into moving off of SmartThings and I have a few issues I have not figured out.

I have:
16 Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13 motion sensors
12 Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensors.
Both models pair with Hubitat and work fine for Hubitat automatons.
I confirmed in the beginning that these models are Hubitat compatible devices.

I have used these for years on SmartThings, to generate messaging and turn on lights in Alexa routines… and it works beautifully… well it used to when ST actually worked.

Alexa routine. (When motion detected, announce “Motion detected” on Echo device and turn on lights)

My issue on Hubitat is that Alexa sees them as temp sensors and will not trigger an announcement.

I can do a simple light function on Hubitat but no messaging.

Is there any way to make these work under Hubitat and get Alexa to see them as motions rather than temp?

My use case is detecting activity of an elderly parent who needs assistance when moving around the house but can I do this with Hubitat?

Any ideas would be appreciated :slight_smile:


I think you have a few ways to do this. Here are a couple ideas. These same rules below would turn on the lights too.

  • Convert motion into a virtual switch, and use the virtual switch to trigger Alexa routine. You would make a rule to have the virtual switch "mirror" the sensor.

  • Install Echo Speaks on Hubitat, and use it to announce the message. You again would have a fairly simple rule that if motion detected, play "out of bed". This would ensure the lights came on even if the internet or Alexa was inoperative.

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I deleted my first response due to it seeming incoherent even to me…
I have been trying to make this work but I am out of ideas.
I could go the Echo Speaks route and rely on outside processing or just do it in ST where it works.

I really want local though.

I have a motion sensor in Hubitat and it is discovered in Alexa.
I have a Virtual Contact Sensor in HE with device type “Virtual Contact Sensor”
It is discovered in Alexa
I can toggle the contact sensor in the HE device page and it changes in Alexa.

I created a rule in HE
“When motion sensor shows active, open virtual contact sensor”
I wave at the motion sensor
It changes to open in HE and it changes to open in Alexa

This seems promising to this point.

Now I make a routine in Alexa.
When this happens: Virtual contact sensor opens
Add action: say hello on Desk Echo Dot.

This is where I roll my face around on the keyboard.
I’ve tried Virtual Motion Sensor, Virtual Multi Sensor, and Virtual Switch from the drop down list.
I also tried the Virtual contact with switch by cwwilson08 and several variations of his.
And I tried Virtual Motion with Switch by Daniel Ogorchock
Some look promising and the discovered device on Alexa toggles, and some do not.
None of them will actually trigger a routine to run.

Anyone have a clue to offer?