Making an Commercial Outdoor Motion Sensor "Smart" & Battery-less using the DSC LC-171

I started this a while back but never had time to push it over the line. I've begun to think about it again and it seems pretty straight forward with current device options.

Does anyone know which Qubino product can sense the state change of a dry contact and then trigger an action (i.e. turn on flood light switch)?

Thanks in advance!


Outdoor Motion Sensor: DSC LC-171
EDIT ADD: Link to Review for the LC-171 "This sensor gets a 5 out of 5."

Power Supply:

"Smart" Relay: Qubino p/n TBD

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I think you are referring to the Qubino ZMNHND3.

Perfect. Thanks @snell!

I didn't notice the ' Endpoint device type' setting which provides the '1 - Home Security; Motion Detection' option.

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