MakerAPI - Two Requests


would it be possible to extend MakerAPI with two items:

  1. URLdecode the secondary parameter: This would allow to use the commands "speak" and "deviceNotification" correctly. While we can use the commands today, there is no way to have a blank in the value. By using URL encoding, we could use %20 to send a blank which would then be decoded and passed correctly to these commands.

  2. Have a way to send a Map argument to use the setColor function of RGBW bulbs. There is currently no way of sending that Map and we have to make several calls to set Hue, Saturation and Level independently

Thanks for considering this!


+1 on both these requests.


Me toooo

Would be really useful. Thanks for considering @dan.t's request.

I will look into it.


+1 for me too.

Both of those have already been done / are in the product now. ( thanks @bravenel ! )


Oh sweet! I must have missed an update. Do you know what version this was implemented in?

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