Maker API - URL for POST - no logs/feedback

I recently moved some things around in my home lab, one of them included moving my node-red instance behind a traefik proxy (ssl termination and other BS)

I updated the config in my MakerAPI however I'm not receiving any events generated on my Hubitat on the node-red (Events -> Debug, nothing)

So few issues/questions

  • Where can I find logs that show any conneciton, ssl, timeout, etc errors for MakerAPI's outbound POST calls
  • Does MakerAPI support SSL (Publicly Signed)?
  • Does MakerAPI support SNI?
  • Does hubitat/makerAPI support Internally Signed Certs (not using at this moment)
  • DNS Debugging Information?

Ran some packet captures I found out dns was pointed to which was the main issue, looks like publicly signed certs do work as well as SNI.

Still need more info when I enable DEBUG log on the module please.

Does MakerAPI support SSL (Publicly Signed)?


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