Maker API Token Changed

I love the Maker API app. This allows me to really leverage some Siri Shortcuts to customize some home automations.

I do have a question: I ran a shortcut last night that did failed because the token associated with the http get url had changed.

What would cause the token to change all of a sudden? I don't see this as an error this is just more for my own planning (ie. if I do X, then make sure to reassess the Maker API token).

Thanks again for the awesome product!

Nothing short of removing and reinstalling the app should change the token. The token is stored in state and only created if it doesn't exist.

It is possible (and intended) to create more than one instance of Maker API. Is it possible you have 2 installed?

No. I only have one instance of Maker installed. Like I said it was odd, but the token completely changed.

I'll keep my eye out to see whether it happens again.