Maker API Status Updates

Before switching to Hubitat, I was using HomeRemote with SmartThings. Unfortunatey, Hubitat and HomeRemote don't (yet) have a connection. HomeRemote supports MQTT, but I've found the methods to get that to work with Hubitat haven't been reliable - plus I had to run additional programs on others devices to get it to work (the MQTT bridge running on Docker for Windows and an MQTT server). I just had too many failure points.

HomeRemote also supports HTTP, and I've found it to work pretty well with the Maker API - even if that wasn't its original purpose. HomeRemote can load the state of all devices every few seconds to keep everything in sync via the "Get All Devices with Full Details" page. My issue is the page loads very slowly with the amount of devices I need to control. Plus if I have more than one device calling for the same page (I haven't tried that yet) I assume that would really bog down the Hubitat.

Is there any way to speed up the refresh of that page - such as creating a new link that only shows the current attribute states versus full information? No idea if that would do anything - I'm just looking for options to get my HomeRemote tablets back up and running without MQTT or linking through the Smartthings hub I'm desperately trying to disconnect.