Maker API - Remove HSM and mode?

When i set up a new instance of Maker API it gets access to mode settings and HSM by standard. Is it possible to remove access to those settings?


Not possible as far as I know. Might want to enter a feature request for this to support or @bravenel for future consideration.

What are you referring to? Please be specific. Also, please explain what problem it is you're trying to solve.

When Maker API is installed you get to choose which devices to give access to. But the app also gives full access for setting modes and controlling HSM.

Example: If I want to have a low level access dashboard in for example Home Remote, I just pick the devices i want to grant access to. But it still gets full access to HSM and mode settings, which I don't want a low level user to have.

If someone somehow would get a hold the credentials then they can easily change modes and arm or disarm HSM.

Get IDs for the different modes

Change mode to home (If home has id 1)

What I want: To be able to choose if I want to give access to HSM and modes, just as I can with devices.

OK, this will be in 2.2.4.

Default will be to allow it, for compatibility with existing instances.


I know this is a really old thread, but having issues with HSM over cloud endpoints. Is this possible?

The local link works:

When I try to manipulate that to a cloud link, I get an error 500:

Is the cloud format wrong (from above)?