Maker API not updating properly?

I have been using Homeremote ( without any issues for some years. Lately I have been getting more and more problems with devices states not always updating on my wall mounted dashboard. I was thinking that it was my tablet that was getting old, but then I got the exact same problem on my phone sometimes.
Since I now get the same problem on two different devices, and there has been no updates to the Home remote app for a very long time I think that the problem must be in Maker API?

C7 running

Maker API runs locally, and you haven't updated your hub firmware in a long time (running 2.3.6)... So I don't see how it could be a Maker API change or issue.

Have you reboot your Hubitat hub to see if that changes/helps? It could be running low on memory, for instance, which will affect response times/speed.

Side note is that based on my latency metrics I keep, Maker API is much faster on 2.3.8 than it was on 2.3.6 in terms of response time, so you may want to think about updating your hub anyway.

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I will give updating the firmware a try. :+1:

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That, and confirm that your devices are actually updating their status on the device page.