Maker API not sending data

I am using a C7 as a Zigbee and Z-wave hub for my HA system, Xtension on Macintosh. Communication is through the Maker API app. This setup worked well for over a year, but recently it appears that the C7 no longer pushes individual update to my system. Xtension requests and receives a data dump every 5 minutes, and requests from Xtension to the C7 get processed within 5 seconds, so communication settings are all correct.

I can see a "device event" that lists the JSON to be sent to Xtension but it never arrives. I haven't resorted to packet sniffing yet but it does appear nothing is sent from the Hubitat.

In what may be related, the Button Controllers app has also stopped sending data to Xtension. This communication is via HTTP GET request.

Any suggestions on where to look would be appreciated.

Have you ruled out something easy, like that the IP address of your Mac didn't change? Any errors in Hubitat "Logs" filtered to this Maker API instance that would help?

IP address has been the same for many years. When filtering for Maker API in the log, I get this type of entry but no response on the Mac.

app:382023-12-10 05:57:26.048 PMdebugdevice event: {"name":"contact","value":"closed","displayName":"zig1","deviceId":"54","descriptionText":"zig1 was closed","unit":null,"type":null,"data":null}

I've deleted and reinstalled the Maker API app. Tomorrow I'm going to rebuild the Mac side.

Thanks for the response.

Hello did you get a resolution to this? My maker API works, but the POST functionality (which I need for my Home assistant integration) doesnt seem to do anything. I see no POST activity in the logs whatsoever. Hubitat is on the latest version, rebooted, and Maker API even cloned. Still zero POST events in the logs.

.... and another user not seeing any posts from the maker API.