Maker API / Node Red error - Aeon Home Energy Meter (Gen 5)

In the process of moving from C4-C7, and I'm getting the following error on the above device. It worked fine on the C4, but now I get this error whenever I hit 'deploy' and the device does not have any attributes listed. The device does function in HE with @codahq community driver (yes I know Ben does not support HE anymore :cry:)

Any thoughts as to how I can get this devices talking to NR again?


Might this be a case where the Catch node would help? I've not used it myself so I'm just throwing it out there.

EDIT: I know it wouldn't fix the issue. But maybe it helps with more info?

I add the node, but it is not given any info.

I'm also getting this in the Maker API logs.

I think it is a Maker Issue

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I'm guessing it's a bug in the driver on the C-7. Are you running different platform versions on the hubs?

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Could be. :+1:

Yeah the C4 is running and the C7 is running the latest

Any idea how to troubleshot, or what line 730 it's complaining about? The driver is only 500+ lines, so not there.

Maybe search for listDevices? I think the 730 line is for that.

getting warmer

"label":"Aeo HEM","type":"Aeon HEM Gen5","id":"68","date":"2020-11-28T15:06:24+0000","model":null,"manufacturer":null,"capabilities":["Configuration","Refresh","PowerMeter","EnergyMeter","Sensor"],"attributes":{"voltage1":null,"dataType":"NUMBER","values":null,"current":"0.000","power":"0.000","cost":" 0.00","energyDuration":"1.81 Days","energy":"0.064","power2":"7.781","voltage2":null,"current2":"0.067","current1":"0.000","voltage":"121.550","cost1":"-0.00","cost2":" 0.01","power1":"0.000"},"commands":[{"command":"refresh"},{"command":"reset"},{"command":"configure"}]},

I think it doesn't like the null in voltage2 or "values". Voltage2 I get but what would "values" be?

I'm getting something similar:
"Unable to cast to dataType for device ID (813) with attribute (energyDuration). Open an issue (Issues · fblackburn1/node-red-contrib-hubitat · GitHub) to report back the following output: TEXT: 44.83 Days "

I am on a C5

And it may already be fixed...

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