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Hello All,

I am new to Hubitat and MakerAPI. I am experiencing a few issues with trying to accomplish my goal.

I currently have a custom tile using TileMaster (reports power data and switch status using a custom icon representing a light being on or off). I got this to work, but clicking the icon will redirect me the resulting API output page. I only want the switching command to operate the device, not redirect me.

The other issue I was running into was when I was operating the switch via the icon/API, the value of the tile would not switch right away. I would like the value of the tile to update as soon as the command is sent.

Would someone be so kind to tell me what I am doing wrong?

Anybody willing to help out?

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by

Do you mean you are seeing an icon on a HE dashboard? Which you are then trying to click? Or is this tile displayed elsewhere that then directs you onto an API page? Some screenshots would help.


Hello sburke! Thank you for getting back to me. I created a custom tile using Tile Master to display energy monitoring data as well as a light status via an icon here:
Light Off

When I click the light bulb, I am re directed to the api response site. The turning on of the light is successful however once I hit go back to my dashboard as displayed below:

Light On

My issue is two-fold. I do not want the clicking of the icon to redirect me to the API response page (just want to send the command) and I would also like the operation to work from the cloud when I am not on my LAN as well if possible .

I appreciate your time. Truly.

Thank you,

Right, that makes sense. @bptworld will hopefully be able to help you out with this one.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction Simon.

Hi, I'm not home right now to take a screenshot but if you go into tile Master at the top is special instructions. This explains why you're seeing that code. Short answer scroll down to bottom of instructions then toggle the switch.

As for being able to toggle the switch went away from home. There is another toggle switch next to where you selected the device.

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