Maker API expansion

So, I make A LOT of use of the Maker API, and I love it. One thing I would like to see is to have things like HSM and Modes added as "devices" where I could query things like current HSM mode and hub mode as well. Maybe even have apps (both user and system) added?

I realized that I wanted Alexa to be able to report to me what the current house mode is and I couldn't find an easy way to do that without something like Rule Manager. Not that I'm opposed to that, but it would only report when the mode changes and not on an "on demand" type of query.

I'm always open to suggestions on how others have done this (if anyone has).

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As far as HSM, if you have a Keypad you could always query that instead. If you don't, you could add a virtual keypad and then use that.


Ooohhh!!! I like that idea! So, in theory, I'd tie the virtual keypad into HSM, correct?

Yup, that's what I was thinking.

I'll give it a shot and see what happens. Thanks Ryan!

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Hi. Ive been looking to add a virtual key pad to my system to use it to arm and disarm my alarm in HSM. Id seen a post with a digital keypad ( somewhere here) but wasnt sure how to either create a keypad for my tablet or how to link it to HSM. Appreciate any ideas you might have. Thanks. Mac

You can enable a keypad function within the dashboard for HSM or Mode Changes. That is the only digital virtual keypad I am aware of.

thanks. Will look.

Dumbest question. I cant find HSM in a dashboard option to select. Whats thr trick?

You don't select a device, just the template HSM.

Hi Ryan. Would it be too kuch to ask to grab a screen shot of where that option to select HSM as a trmplare exists please. Inhave searched the community. No luck. Thanks. Mac


If you're looking where to enable the option for the numerical pin for mode or HSM changes, that's under advanced options in the dashboard app.


Thank You very much for that Ryan and Wayne. For some reason i thought that the dashboard options were sequential. You picked a device - then you chose a template for the type of device. Not sure how i might use that information differently going forward but it certainly is good to know the difference. I have also added a pin. It isn't exactly what i was thinking though. I had seen a post where a user had a standard keyboard on a dashboard to enter the alarm code. if i can locate it - i'll repost the picture. maybe its sharp tools...uncertian. But either way - i'm getting closer to getting my Konnected IO configured.

Just Following up.
I believe it was in the "Show Off Your Dash Boards" where i had seen a post by a gent named Nick P who posted a pic of a digital key pad to arm and disarm the HSM. A staffer named Patrick noted directly below that post that Dashboard 2.0 would contain something similar. Will reach out to Patrick to see if that was implemented.

1 step forward.
The end goal...eliminate the wired alarm keypads and connect my Konnected IO. install some type of tablet at a few locations ( perhaps fire tablet) and have some selected dashboards for the family to access.....and - have my front door video live from that tablet so we can see who is at the front door before opening.
Its all there.....just need someone smarter than me to figure it out!

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You can have a pin to open a dashboard. That pin opens the device's keyboard because it can be any characters you want, not just numbers. But that opens the device's keypad, which on a mounted tablet, isn't really ideal.

I have written my own dashboard app and having the ability to see and set the HSM and Mode would be great.

Also, the ability to add the Device Type to the "Get All Devices" request would be great.

I realize I can get the type via the "Get All Devices with Full Details" but this produces a very large response and does not function ("No response from hub") via the Cloud. I assume the this is due to the large number of devices (180) that I have on the HE hub.