Maker API Error message help

This must have started happening in the not too distant past (just noticed).

The error is

relating to setting a virtual presence device from my BLE beacons. It hasn't happened before so not sure how to debug this. The presence detection seems to work fine tho.

Not sure why, but what if you try removing and re-adding the device in Maker API?

did that - no joy. Still getting the error. I'm assuming it relates to how the presence status is sent. The hubitat URL I'm using is


I wonder if this isn't quite correct anymore?

The only other things I could suggest would be testing it in a browser, taking a fresh copy of the url from the app page just to make sure. Then I'd suggest trying a different presence device.

Created a new instance of maker API, entered the maker api details into my external python script and no error. No idea why :thinking: :thinking:

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That is weird...

You are looking at the wrong side of things. You have an incoming command for a device that you've removed from Maker API. If you want to get rid of the error, you need to find the service that is sending the command for a device that you've removed.


I think I follow what you're saying however I hadn't touched those devices or the particular maker api interface since it was originally set up, so no device was removed prior to the error message popping up?

Did you remove a device from your system that may have been authorized with Maker API?

Not as far as I can recall. I have 6 instances of maker api running for different groups of devices. Only 1 specific instance was giving that error in the logs (and which has always had the same 6 virtual presence devices from day 1. )

If you enable logging on the Maker API instance that is throwing the error, you can see what command and secondary value was called for. That may help you find the end point that is calling Maker API. I just replicated your error for a bogus device:


Before I got rid of the error by creating a fresh maker api instance, I did turn logging on and I think that the error came up straight after "findDevice called".

I guess that means that the device somehow disappeared from maker api. It's a bit academic now that it's fixed, but if it does happen again I'll be sure to do that and repost here. Thanks for the pointers Bobby!


If it's of any use I do have virtual presence sensors I control via Maker API from a script on my laptop, and they don't appear to have been affected following recent updates, so it doesn't sound like a systemic issue (hopefully), as much as a second sample can provide a concrete result...:slight_smile:

No worries Simon. I'm writing it off as just a glitch unless it resurfaces.

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