Maker api dropping devices

I have my Hubitat Maker API paired with a FX LUMINAIRE LUXOR Landscape light controller. Everyday, maybe even as soon as a few hours, it drops the devices (zones) from the Maker API app. I then need to go in and select the dropped devices and pair them again with the app. I use this to control scenes from Homeseer but it's useless.
Any help to understand why the MAKER API keeps dropping devices? Logs show nothing useful to point me in the general direction.


What driver is this device using? Is it possible it's a child device and the parent app or driver keeps re-creating it? If the device is in use by other apps besides Maker API, is the same thing happening there (or could you test)?

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Thanks for the reply. I am not a strong Hubitat user but I did have a thought after i wrote this post. I have a scene in HS4 at Sunrise to turn off the controller. I am not sure that the controller turns off if I were to control my landscape light via the native controller. However, each group of lights, has their own virtual switch (at lease in Hubitat but I am guessing Luxor as well as I can control each group independently).
I am wondering if I just turn off the virtual switch and not the master controller if that would not drop the child devices.

This is what Hubitat creates when I partnered it with the Luxor controller.

As you can see below, the Maker API sends over 4 devices to HS4.

Turning on or off a device via Maker API should not remove it from Maker API. I suspect something else is going on. Can you verify that the device ID stays the same before and after the problem? Navigate to the device detail page, and you'll see a path at the end of the URL like /device/edit/123, where 123 is the device ID. If that does not stay the same, the device must be getting removed and re-created, and it's something you might be able to ask the driver author about. (This appears to be custom code, not a built-in driver.) But that would explain why it gets removed from Maker API; as far as the hub knows, it's an entirely different device.

If not -- and it's quite possible since the above is just a random guess -- then maybe come back and someone may have more ideas.

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You may be on to something. I did note last night that when the devices dropped out, I have to add the children back to the Maker API device selection but not the parent as it is already there.
Then in HS4, I have to sync to see the children then go to each of my scenes and those children back in and it is a different number at the end of the descriptor. That is the only tell-tale I can see that is different every time I have to add these back in.
I will have to remember how I installed the code as it was fairly complex more so than adding a package to HS4.

Well several months and no response from the Maker API authors and i still have this issue,,, wondering if anyone else is having this issue

Have you confirmed that the Hubitat device IDs (for what sounds like the child devices) are not changing, one possibility I mentioned above? That is the only reason things should ever change -- and it would be an unusual reason, but not a problem related to Maker API.

Yes the ID changes on the child devices

What is creating these devices? It must be removing and re-creating the devices, and then you notice this problem every time after it happens. The issue, then, is not with Maker API but rather with whatever app/integration you are using that keeps doing this. I can't say much more since I don't know what that is, but this:

is, again, not what you need to fix the issue since it's now determined to be unrelated. Sounds like you're using a custom app and might need to work with that developer.

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Looks like @bbdj is the likely author of the integration and the best person to contact. There's some general conversation in this thread:

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Thank you all, You are correct this is probably the doing of the LUXOR app and not the Maker API. I have a message out to one of the members in the post you snipped above. Thanks again


Hi, I am one of the members of the post that was snipped, but not the author of the app. I've been PM'ing with @user3982, and thought it might be useful to share my reply here as well:

I seem to recall that attempting to do all the configuring by sending multiple commands from Hubitat to the Luxor controller caused me some problems, so I decided to encapsulate the setup I wanted in a Luxor Scene. I then simply turn on the controller and set the Luxor scene. Only 2 commands.

I have programmed 3 different scenes into the Luxor app and I have the following 4 rules in rule machine:

Each of those rules issues at most 2 commands:

  • Turn on (or off) the controllers
  • Set 1 Luxor scene.

I do not have any lights where I can control the colors.

Here is a snippet from my rule machine that sets the lights for my morning exercises:

The first statement turns on all 3 controllers.

The second statement activates the Luxor Scene that I programmed in the Luxor app.

If I want a switch to turn on the "3-Morning Exercise" scene, I simply add a trigger to the corresponding rule for that switch being turned on.

I hope this helps!