How to access custom action for a Momentary Button?

Cool cool. Got all the things reinstalled but hitting a snag. And I have 2 questions. I'll start with the questions:

  1. When you say 'scenes' are you talking 'themes'? B/c my controller doesn't have scenes.

  2. Can scenes/themes only be used as a trigger? I want to use them to change the color at a particular time/day (my contractor setup Halloween... :sweat_smile:) and if I'm Rule Machineing it right, that doesn't seem to work (they don't show up in any list).

On to my snag. When creating a rule, and setting the scene/theme as a Trigger, there are no options for Select Attribute so I can't move on.

Apologies if these are stupid newb questions. But REALLY appreciate the assistance. :raised_hands:


@bbdj Oh, found this... But no Luxor devices are listed... (notice no Halloween)

@bbdj Help....? :sweat_smile:

Hey, sorry! I've been away.

When you go to your Luxor Controller in Devices, does it show your lights and themes like this?

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It does....

When you click into the child device of a theme in the parent Luxor Device, do you see these options?

I do see these options. I feel like we're getting close! :grimacing:

It's probably just me not knowing the correct mechanism in a Rule. :man_shrugging:t2:

@Hubirat wasn't sure from the thread if you got it working. Here is how I was able to "push" a "button" like that in rule machine. In the image below, "Morning exercise" is the name of my theme:

I have not.

And actually, my themes don't show in this view to select as an actuator. No idea what the prob is...

Note: I looked and my themes are listed with the Luxor controller but not in this view. Wha??

@Hubirat can you check to see if your theme driver has the following capabilities?

It didn't. It does now. And it WORKS! :raised_hands:

Not sure why that line wasn't installed when I updated. :man_shrugging:t2:

Really appreciate the help. Glad that :monkey: is off my back and I can actually use RM to set up some rules (well, really just add to an existing rule).

Thanks a ton, @bbdj

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A big shoutout for to author of the Luxor solution, Russ, who users the username of "tagyouerit" on GITHUB.

I opened an item on his GITHUB page for this project and he has already made the change to add the "actuator" capability to the theme driver.

Anyone that installs this from HPM will now get the version with the actuator capability that makes themes usable in Rule Manager!


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Another shoutout to Russ for adding a new feature to his Luxor integration.

You can now optionally add a prefix that will be applied to all of the child devices of a controller. This is helpful if you have multiple controllers. An example will make it clearer.

Before the change, If you had 2 controllers named "C1" and "C2" and you created a theme in the Luxor app named "Theme1", then Hubitat would have 2 child devices with the same name: "Theme1" as a child of "C1" and "Theme1" as a child of "C2", each controlling a different set of lights.

In the new version, if you apply the prefixes "C1_" and "C2_" to the respective controllers, your child devices will be named "C1_Theme1" and "C2_Theme1". This makes it easier to select the correct child device in various apps like Rule Machine.

To upgrade simply do an "Update" in the "Hubitat Package Manager" app.

Here are the details from his readme:


  1. You only need to know your Luxor controller's IP address. You can find this on the controller itself under the Wifi/Wired settings page.
  2. Enter the IP Address on the setup page and click Next.
  3. Optionally, add a prefix for the naming convention. Useful if you have multiple controllers. Include any separators and spaces that you want. EG "Front: " will create a device "Front: Luxor ZDC Controller".
  4. The screen will refresh every 2 seconds, up to 2 minutes, looking for the controller.
  5. When the controller is found, select "Save" and wait up to 1 minute for all of the devices to be configured.

@bbdj, I'm seeing some weirdness with the Luxor themes being renamed after the recent update.

I have 6 themes that had unique names, after the update they're all labeled "Luxor Theme".


Any idea what's going on or how I can fix it w/out just manually editing the names?

Side note: I checked the Luxor app, all themes are labeled as expected.


Did you rerun the app after doing the update?

Actually, it looks like I am having the same problem now also.

I'll ping him on his github page.

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@Hubirat, Russ just pushed an update that has fixed the theme naming problem for me.

Do an update in HPM, It should upgrade you to version 1.2.2.

Once installed I reran the app, which fixed everything. I suspect that you can also hit the refresh button on each of your Luxor devices or simply wait until it runs it's next update cycle.


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Been out of town. Will update now. Thanks!

@bbdj & @marcaronson408 The update has fixed the issue. :+1:

Well done, y'all.

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I realize this thread is almost a year old but i am having an issue with this app recreating the child devices almost every night,,, i have Hubitat connected to Homeseer and running some automation in Homeseer but my devices keep dropping out as i mentioned. When i check them in Hubitat, the ID on the child devices are different and they dropped out if the Maker API,, any insight to what i may be doing wrong?