Maker API - Don't Validate POST URL Certificate

Given that the platform now has the option to not verify SSL certificates in https calls, could we get an option in the Maker API app to add that flag to the outgoing POST requests that it sends?


Reincarnating an old thread, another option would be at least to be able to install a new root CA cert into the Hubitat. I have been beefing up my security recently and getting SSL going for all my various services and issued an SSL certificate from my own CA which works perfectly on all my home domain-joined machines, but the Hubitat can't talk to the Node-RED webhook :frowning:

I guess that it is pretty small set of users who would do this, but it is still pretty annoying.

I'm securing NR using HTTPS, now MakerAPI is not able to post to my NR server because I'm using a self signed cert. Update: I bought a ssl certificate and it still fails regardless if it is self signed vs verified.

Hubitat Staff - can we please get a MakerAPI option to not verify SSL certificates in https calls? .

We will accommodate this in the next release.

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Thank you!

Any idea when to expect the next release? I'm excited for this option because I will be able to integrate some really cool cloud service inbound to NR which will in turn drive some cool HE behavior. :slight_smile:

Soon... ? :sunglasses:

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(Almost certainly) Before EOY 2021. :slight_smile:

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You guys are hilarious. LOL I guess I thought if I would ask then the release would happen faster. :smile: Wishful thinking!

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Yes, wishful thinking. That release isn't even in external beta testing yet, which happens before public release. So it will still be a little while.