Maker API and Shortcuts app for iOS

@ogiewon just wondering if you ever figured out how to do this, including the hub login?

Not yet. I haven’t had time to work on this lately.

I would love to be able to setup Siri commands for some of my items, but i cant figure out what i need to do. For example, i have a group called Downstairs lights that I would like to use Siri to turn on and off.

How would i go about doing that with the IOS Shortcuts app or something liek Launcher?

@robert2 I was actually working on this the other day and will attempt to write up a post about this soon. If I get around to it in the next 48 hours, I'll try to tag you in it and post an update in this thread.

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@robert2 I've created a basic tutorial here: [Tutorial] How to create your own iOS shortcuts using the Maker API

Good luck!


Don't know if this is of help to anyone or not, but discovered something by accident.

Google Assistant is available for Iphone. when you install it it asks if you want to connect it to Siri. Then you can say "Hey Siri OK Google Turn on lights". Or whatever device you want to do. That is then one method without configureing shortcuts.

Then if you go into shortcuts to create a new one what you just did comes up as a suggestion. So just select it, rename it to whatever. Then all you say is "Hey Siri Lights On" Or whatever you named it. No need to say OK Google anymore.

Course you have to do this for all functions you want. But seems easier than trying to use links to Maker. Just my opinion.