Maker API and HSM Disarm All / Cancel Alerts

I forget... IS there any way to do the following HSM things via Maker API:

1. Disarm All (EDIT: Figured this one out - sending a "disarmAll" does this)

2. Cancel Alert (EDIT: Figured this out - sending a "cancelAlerts" does this)

3. Arm smoke/water alerts (EDIT: Figured this out - sending a regular "disarm" will re-enable smoke/water monitoring)

I know you added this to RM, @bravenel , but I don't remember if that was accessible form Maker API too (?).

If I am understanding correctly, yes.

With something like this:


Pretty sure that is just intrusion disarm, not smoke/water disarm (which yields an event of allDisarmed, as opposed to disarmed).

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Correct. I wasn't thinking about the other possibilities.

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Looks like it does an allDisarm,

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Nevermind. I figured out all 3 myself. :slight_smile: They are all possible via maker api, see OP.