Maker API and "Cannot invoke method getSupportedCommands()"

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method getSupportedCommands() on null object (sendDeviceCommand)

Seeing that error. Haven't changed anything in Maker API in months and never saw this before.

Looks like you are sending an empty or unknown command.

Need additional information to track down what's causing it, like the request (without the token).

how/where do I find that? If you are meaning the apps that invoke the URLs I only use two (they have not changed) IFTTT and it turns a switch on/off

and then virtual motion sensors from my BlueIris cameras:

Only the device ID changes. I do this for 2 cameras. I only have 3 devices setup in Maker.

Well, two possible things. One is that the device ID is not authorized.

Second, is that the command you are trying to send is not one of the supportedCommands from the driver.

Which driver are you using? If you're using the virtual motion sensor, then you have the right commands. If you're using a virtual switch they have to be "on" and "off".

Assuming not the first....all 3 devices have worked perfectly today. Both motion sensors have active/inactive status's this morning when we were home. The virtual switch was properly turned on this morning also (it's a switch triggered by IFTTT when my wife gets to work, geofence)

So, I don't see anything failing?

@Ryan780 vSwitch is a virtual switch and the 2 motion sensors are virtual motion sensors...and they are all working fine.

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