Make Scene lighting start from off

I have multiple Scenes to set lights to certain levels and colors/temps. When triggered, if the lights are currently off, I want to lights to be set to the desired color temperature and brightness level before turning on so I don't see a sudden flash of the previous light setting.

For instance, if the bulbs were previously turned off while 100% brightness and red, when the scene is triggered the lights turn on the same way and then fades to the desired color and level. This can be very jarring. Has anyone found a way around this?

Just a comment, not a fix.
I don't think this is possible if you are using a physical switch. There are multiple discussions on setting lights at startup to avoid that pop.
Someone does have a rule that is supposed to work if using digital commands.
However, I am struggling with the same thing in the bathroom at night. No such luck. Either the lights pop, or don't work at all.


I'm not using a physical switch. I'm using virtual switches activated by voice with the Google Assistant and automations triggers the desired scene. I've searched the forum under every term I can think of and can't find any work arounds.

I don't know if this works different with different drivers but the particular bulbs that I'm trying to set are using the Generic ZigBee RGBW Light driver.

I just found a setting labeled "Enable color pre-staging" in the bulb device. After enabling this setting, my lights turn on correctly, although it seems that sometimes there is still a very brief flash of the old color.

I don't know if this setting is relatively new or if I just never noticed it previously.

With color prestaging you can create a rule to send a color or color temperature command to the lights (individually, can’t use a group device) when a trigger occurs such as a mode change. You can even use the ct per mode rule without filling in the level (because it would turn on the lights). This way you should never see the incorrect color temperature when the lights come on.