Make delay a variable

How do you make the time of a "delay" under actions equal to a variable? Like I want it to wait the Amount of minutes of the variable.

I don’t know if you can in simple automation, button controller or motion lighting. Someone chime in if this is wrong. This can be done using %variable% in rule machine.

If you have different values for modes or other items you might have to make different ML or SA sets per mode


I'd like to do this as well. I'm selling my house, so I'm creating a settings dashboard for all my automations. It will allow the new owner to select which automations they want (turn on and off). I would also like to be able to add the Delay Off to the dashboard so the new owner can simply use the settings panel to decide IF they want the motion lighting rule, and if so, for how long. I'll ping support and see what they have to say about adding it to the backlog of feature requests.

In Rule Machine rules you can put a variable into any delay, in the seconds portion of the delay. The variable delay value is a number of seconds. Use %variable-name%

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