Make any switch support double tap, tap and hold etc

Hi, I have an Aqara button which works great, single tap, double tap and tap and hold.
However, my wife, who is an interior architect, is not that fond of the modern look. Is there any device that allows me to take any switch (that bounces back) and make the old fashioned switch modern with the same features as the Aqara? I.e. a remote control that can "translate" tap, double tap and press and hold from the old fashioned switch and send the "right" message to the network?
Zigbee or Z-wave does not matter if I can make this work.

Not sure of a device you can add to a regular switch but you can replace the switches with what you want. All the Zooz (and Inovelli I think) switches are momentary style (they bounce back as you say) and support multi-taps, and hold/release.

What are you goals with the multiple taps? If it's for lighting I wrote this app:

It might not be exactly what you're looking for; I wrote it to emulate Hue Dimmer behavior with "single tap" devices (though it can also work with multitap devices). Unlike devices with "built-in" mulitaps, it doesn't wait until you're done to execute actions--every push/etc. does something (whatever is configured)--but that is how the Hue Dimmer works, basically rotating through scenes with each push. But might help if your goal is lighting!

In any case, I'm not aware of any drivers that do this, though it would certainly be possible (but also device-specific). All solutions I have seen have been at the app level with something like this (which depends on the app doing what you want; a rule would also work).

Thank you both for your answer! Much appreciated
The reason I am looking for this is to be able to ”hide” smart home functions in an old switch. Tap to turn on is usually intuitive and tap and hold to dim might be easy to understand but if could also catch a double tap to e.g. turn off all lights in that room/floor without having to use a modern switch in addtion or my phone that would be nice.
I will digg deeper into your solutions to see what is possible. Thanks again

Yeah there are some ZigBee input devices from sunricher. You connect dum retractive switches to them and then they become buttons.

Drivers are being worked on for them, but they have different ranges depending on the input you want. They take mains voltage in then give inputs out.

I have some green energy ones with 4 inputs 2X up and down, they join to the light. I also have some basic 4 inputs ones that will be a button controller in Hubitat.

I know that wi-fi switches like Sonoff Touch with Tasmota firmware allow this kind of use.

If I understand what you want clearly, I think that you want the following:

  • AEOTEC Dual Nano Dimmer
  • RGB Genie (originally SunRicher) ZW-4001
  • Enerwave


  • RGB Genie (originally SunRicher) ZB-4002

These solutions will allow you to use regular, off the shelf Decora style switches, with these relays inside your switch (junction) box. The switch will become a "toggle" switch, or it can be programmed in some cases, to be momentary switch.

Thanks, I will most likely end up with the sunricher. It does not support double tap but I have to live without that.. :slight_smile:

I guess what I was looking for was a ZigBee/Z-wave alternative to a KNX binary input module like this one: QUAD Plus Input module with 4 analog-digital inputs

Maybe that will come in the future.

This I exactly what the sunricher one is. It's a little mains powered puck that gives you 4 inputs. The 4 C one supports quite a bit but Mike is trying to get it to work and is working with them to do that.

Thanks @BorrisTheCat,
I seem to be looking at the wrong device, can you send me a link to the right device? The ones I find does not have 4 inputs.

Yeah it's SR-ZG2833PAC-C4

@BorrisTheCat Thank you! I only looked at sunricher website and could not find it. Looks like a great device and exactly what I need. In Europe it seems the device is called FOH in the end (Friends of Hue).

No that's not it, that is a Philips only one. They all have different firmware/ hardware but look similar. There are loads all with different use cases.

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Thanks! You saved me from a costly misstake there!

Hello. This is the product I wanted. Does it go well with the current hubitat?

Not sure if @mike.maxwell ever finished the driver for it? last I remember he was speaking to them about a possible firmware bug? This is the "Zigbee C4 Button Controller"

Thank you for answer. Sorry I lack search skills. It would have been nice if the product worked well as a button on hubitat...

@mike.maxwell Did you ever finish a driver? :pray:
An alternative is a PCB from Konnected 6-Zone Konnected Alarm Panel with Siren Output (Board only) – Konnected Inc. that works with all common Smart Home solutions.

no as i never received the correct device with the correct firmware from sunricher

That I'm sorry to hear. Perhaps they don't want any other Hub to be compatible... By the way I got told that the Sunricher Zigbee Push Button Coupler SR-ZG2833PAC-FOH is a "Green Power Device" and therefore has add-ons to the Zigbee 3.0 protocol?

I have extracted the following specifications how to integrate the SR-ZG2833PAC with ZigBee2MQTT

Compatible with Philip Hue Bridge, Zigbee2MQTT and deCONZ.

Not Compatible with Home Assistant ZHA, SmartThings and IKEA WIRELESS.

Philip Hue setup, here you just follow the setup from the Hue app.
Settings => Accessories => Add accessories => Friends of Hue contact => then it does not matter which contact is selected, with the exception of "Lutron Aurora"

Setup with Zigbee2MQTT and deCONZ, here it is important to know which Zigbee channel coordinator uses.
It is crucial for which contact to be held for 10 sec. during inclusion in controls and then confirmed with simultaneous press of K1 + K4.

Zigbee channel Pushbutton
11 K1
15 K3
20 K4
25 K2

Home Assistant with Zigbee2MQTT:
Trigger Module K terminal
recall_scene_0 action 3
recall_scene_1 action 4
recall_scene_2 action 2
recall_scene_3 action 1
recall_scene_4 action 3
recall_scene_5 action 4
recall_scene_6 action 2
recall_scene_7 action 1
short_press_2_of_1 action 1 + 4
press_1_of_2 action 2 + 4
press_2_of_2 action 1 + 3
release_1_of_2 action 2 + 4
release_2_of_2 action 1 + 3

Home Assistant with deConz:
flg. functions are supported, button pressed, button released, button continuously pressed and button released after long press.
Trigger Module K terminal
First button 3
Second button 4
Third button 1
Fourth button 2
Top buttons 1 + 3
Bottom buttons 2 + 4