Make all message box notifications available as events that can be subscribed to

sorry if this has been answered but I'm not finding info on search...

Trying to see if there is anyway to get a push notification when there is an alert message on this guy: image

short of logging into the webpage of the hub?

Check out the triggers in Rule Machine for "Location events". You can use those to create push notifications.

I'm probably not stating the question clearly. I checked in RM and the Notifications app, but not finding something that would send a notification if there was a message in the hub alert (the icon up on the title bar that looks like a chat window)

Majority of the notifications in the message box are coming from the location events. Few are not location events (E.G. large database or update available) but those cannot be subscribed to.

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OK gotcha - thanks... I would like to put those in the suggestion box, if it's not off the table :wink:

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Moved your post to Feature Requests.


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