Major disappointment with Yale assure SL lock

I bought Yale Assure SL lock, ZigBee edition(YRD256). I was able to easily pair it with Hubitat.. but later I realized that this lock has no native app! It cannot be added to Yale Access app. I contacted support and they told me to check with Hubitat :crazy_face:

This is a major disappointment, because this means that for this lock, now I cannot even view lock/unlock history!

Manufacturers apps only work with locks that have Bluetooth/WiFi radios. Locks that solely have zigbee/zwave radios are limited to the capabilities of the coordinator/controller they are paired to. That being said, I can access the lock/unlock history of both my Yale Assure locks via Hubitat. Why can’t you?

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I don't track my lock/unlock history, but I do know the information appears in the logs. I presume you can also see it under the Events tab in the device. But I suspect you're looking for a consolidated tab or page that shows locks/unlocks by user or other criteria over time?


Are you saying in the events tab of the lock device? If I assign code 1 to my daughter and 2 to wife, I wanted a way to simply see when was lock unlocked by which person.

Also.. do you create codes also via device page?

That’s one way. You can also export selected events and log them elsewhere.

I log/store events using Node-RED, but presumably one could do this using other methods (Hubigraphs?).

I use lock code manager to manage codes for both my locks.

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Not sure if this will help, but something I wrote to help someone else with a lock history issue:


Thanks, I will check this app out. I installed it, and it is allowing me to select my "yale Assure SL" lock, but it is not showing my August Wifi Smart lock as a lock. Would you know why? I am seeing August as a device in Hubitat and able to lock/unlock it from devices.

Do you just want to view when (history), or be notified when? You can set up a notification as a trigger for a rule for when certain codes are used.

Change line 70 capability.lockCodes to capability.lock

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Thanks! I can see both locks now. I'll explore your app now.


Another way to log is using either pushover or built in notifier. It will stay in history...

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Another thing which came to my mind... If I can only control my Assure SL lock via Hubitat, does that mean I can now no longer create temporary codes remotely? What if I am not at home, and need my friend to enter due to an unplanned emergency? I know I can use the dashboard to lock/unlock, but in order to create a new PIN code, I will need to be a paying user of Hubitat Remote Admin? Or is there a way out?

There are ways to use the Dashboard to create a new lock code. See the thread linked below for one method:

Also, while Remote Admin is a convenient option, many of us have VPNs to remotely administer our networks (including our Hubitats). Some routers have a VPNd baked in. It is also relatively simple to setup an RPi with OpenVPN or WireGuard.

how quick is the notification?

For pushover? Quick

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This is what I do. I have a Pushover message sent to my phone whenever any of of door locks are activated and I can see if my wife or my son has arrived home. Those messages are stored in Pushover until I delete them. It seems to work very well.

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