Mails sending to "" are bouncing back

I am a newbie to hubitat community. I am in the process of migrating from ST to Hubitat.

I was trying to get help for one issue and tried to sent mail to "" as i found this ID in the support portal and it was mentioned that if the issue was not found in the community, the same can be addrsses to this email address. But mails are bouncing back.

Is there any change on the support procedure ? or my understanding is wrong.

Sounds like a question for @support :slight_smile: Posting a question here is always a good start as well... To help triage or even solve your issue, freeing up those earning the big $$$ :wink:

Many of us don't mind answering common questions asked by those starting out or using a feature for the first time. We all know what it's like using something for the first time. You will find most people here are more than willing to accomodate first timer's and questions that have been asked before.


tagging @bobbyD @Pradeep that said, what's your problem. We may be able to help


Thank you for your feedback, and sorry for the confusion. Mind me asking where have you seen the reference to send email to questions? That email address is not set up.

With that being said, for general questions I recommend posting them here, in the community, and you will receive advice from staff or other active users.

For warranty claims and hub orders questions, please visit our support website at:


Thank you for your response. Now I am clear on this topic.

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Thanks for your response. I was looking for hubitat support when I faced some issue with delay functionality. It got resolved when I updated the hub with the latest firmware.

Thanks for your response and clarity.

I found this email Id when I was searching under the “ask anything” in the page. Looks like the page is modified.

Going forward I will be posting in community in case I face issues.


It is definitely a much quicker way to get questions answered, and in the vast majority of instances to get an issue resolved. The only issues the community cannot help with relate to orders, warranties, and subscriptions.