Magnets for Iris v2 and v3 contact sensors?

Hello -

I'm helping a friend automate their house. They purchased Iris v2 and v3 contact sensors that'll come without magnets. Any recommendations on magnets that work well? I've heard the v3 sensors are finicky vis-a-vis magnet positioning.

Would something like this work?

I could just paint them white after mounting them ....

While those may work, I don't know, they would be unsightly. Try these:

The package contains sensors also but they are reasonably priced enough to justify buying just for the magnets.

I don't use Iris but I use "after-market" magnets successfully with other brands. I would think as long as they are the stronger rare-earth magnets, you should be good to go. Those are fancy. My only concern with the ones you posted is that they are mostly steel for protection with a thin ring of magnet. Know idea if that matters. I just go to Home Depot and stick them to frame w/ 3m tape.


Here is another option. These look like they may be even smaller.

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Our front door is tricky and has a gap of 1" between the door and the trim (so, the door isn't flat with the wall).

I was able to get these (barely) between the door and the frame in a certain spot, where I couldn't get a stock Iris contact sensor magnet :slight_smile:

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