Magic Home Wifi RGBW light strips White state not saving in Scene

Hello! Just started with Hubitat yesterday.

I have some RGBW light strips that work with Magic Home. With the help of this driver...—%20Controller%20(RGBW).groovy

I managed to get my strips working in the Devices tab. They turn on/off. I can control the color and color brightness with the SetColor and SetLevel commands, and I can control the warm white level/dimness with the SetWhiteLevel command. Here's what that page looks like...

However, I cannot get them to work with the Groups and Scenes app properly, specifically the white level.

As you can see, with LIVING ROOM STRIPS 1 and 2, I can save the state of the color. The Dimmer Level is only for the RGB, not the warm white lights in the strips.

The Magic Home driver was from

I wonder if I should post on that thread since it's been active for a few years. Anyone have any ideas? Is there something in the driver I can add to get this to work?

"White level," which I assume is really either color temperature or just the brightness (value) of a fixed white channel, won't work with Groups and Scenes because, from the screenshots and driver code, it doesn't appear to be using standard Hubitat attributes for this. Scenes will capture standard switch, color, and color temperature attributes, including (depending on what the device supports):

  • switch (on or off)
  • level (brightness, 1-100 or sometimes 0-100)
  • hue (when in color/RGB mode, 0-100 or sometimes 0-360)
  • saturation (when in color/RGB mode, 0-100)
  • colorTemperature (when in CT mode, whatever Kelvin range the device supports and is set to)
  • colorMode (if the device supports both RGB and CT; tells which mode is in and which settings are relevant)

Since this driver appears to be using custom attributes for some of these values, those will not be captured in the scene. It looks like the driver hasn't been updated in over 2 years and that thread isn't active anymore, but those might be good places to ask if they were. A forum search to see if anyone else has posted about the devices or is using other drivers might also be good. I don't use these devices or know anything about them, so I won't be much help there, but that is why these aren't working with Scenes.