Magic Home Ikery WiFi(not2)10m LED RGB Special:$23.39 Prime Deal (Dead)

The OTHER .ca version (older? sans 2 on the model#) of Ikery LED Strips.

Part Number IKERY-10M-WIFI as opposed to the other IKERY-10M-WIFI2

The price is $32.99 less $3.00 coupon less $6.60 Prime discount = $23.39

Again, should work with @adamkempenich's Magic Home Wifi Devices - 0.89

RGB Controller Driver

Contents look identical.
10 Meters (2x5) LED Strips
1 Wi-Fi Controller
1 IR Controller
3M adhesive
12V 6A Power Supply UL Listed

Power Supply

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Thanks for the heads up. Just purchased 1 for $19.95. Wife wanted a set for the inside of her hutch. I now will have 5 of these.


What the...
Where? How? :wink:

It was this part #10MWIFI-NOWPF-2.

Aaaah phew thought I'd overpaid almost $4 there. :wink:

Another "It's the same, but let's use a different part number" from Ikery.

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Lol another MagicHome β€œlet’s sell under a million names so no matter who wins we come out on top” deal

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One of reasons I chose HE is because of the integration for these Magic Home led strips. So thanks for that. This is a real good buy, these strips were over $35 for quite a while.