Magic cube

hi all, ive seen a few posts on the magic cube, but the actual device driver shows as 404 unknown when I click to get it, can someone point me in the right direction for getting the driver please, sorry if its in an obvious place!

This is the link to his GitHub...

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Awesome, many thanks

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Maybe not directly related, but I've been in a similar search myself for other drivers and I remembered your webpage. Has there not been much interested from developers in consolidating the driver/apps information on that Wiki ?

I myself have just "ported" a driver from DTH to Hubitat, but I am unsure about the etiquette on referencing the original driver/creator and how/where I should ultimately share it to the community.

To be honest, no. But that was expected. It's not that there wasn't much interest, it's just hard to get people to do an additional step (creating a page).

Depends on how much 'work' it was to port it over. Just be sure to thank the original author in the header and then add Port to the title. As for where to share it, first and foremost would be here in the forums. This is where it will get the most views/attention. But as we all know it will also get buried pretty quickly! That's where the wiki comes in. Feel free to add it in to the wiki. There are plenty of examples on how to add it. Even some with Port in the name. :wink:

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