Made the switch from Wink to Hubitat

Hey all,

Just wanted to say that I am loving my HE experience so far. I have over 40 devices in my home currently and the migration from Wink to Hubitat was so smooth. I honestly was nervous reading some of the posts regarding my Schlage lock and a few other items but I was able to add all devices with ease. I've already created some rules that work even better than they did in Wink, not to mention some devices that I had issues with now have no issues.

This community seems great too, I've been reading threads every night on how to improve or add new devices to my setup, can't wait to keep tinkering and making my smart home work even more efficiently.

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Awesome :partying_face: Welcome to the community!


Great to see some positive posts. Welcome

Love the Avatar and Rock on Ultimate Warrior!

(RIP J.B. Hellwig)




Uh ... hi ...

Made the switch in December. Love it and the community.

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I did too (switch from Wink to Hubitat). I don't have nearly as many devices. My biggest challenge was the factory reset for each device, lol. I don't save instructions for things any more, one can always find such things online - until I started looking for specific switches and dimmers, lol. I got thru it, but it wasn't painless. I look forward to once again having a system that isn't dependent upon the internet. If I'm on vacation, I expect my lights & sound to go on and off as I planned, regardless of whether the danged internet is up or not.

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