Made a Facebook group for buying/selling/trading used home automation equipment. USA

Surprisingly I couldn't really find a swap group dedicated to home automation in the US so I made one. All are free to join I don't make money or anything like that. I'm a Facebook noob so I don't even know if I could make money off of it.

Some lucky guy could be the third member.

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This is a great idea, unfortunately I don't use Facebook. Drop in on reddit subs and let them know, and find those Home Assistant guys on their forums too. I bet they would buy up stuff that doesn't quiet work here.

There is this group on FB

I have joined it - it took like a month for them to add me to the group. I don’t seem to get notifications from it so I’m not sure how active the group is.

I assume you will let Canadians into you group? Or is it exclusive to US?

Canadians are my favorite. Everyone is welcome. Go Leafs!

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There is always next year !!