LZW60 "stuck" with motion=active

Was away for a while and while gone the battery died on an LZW60 sensor. I replaced the battery, but now it says that motion is active all the time. Is there a way to get this thing to switch to inactive? Do I need to do a full reset and re-add it and go through all that nonsense of fixing automations, or is there a better way?

Jay W

If its zigbee a reset and rediscovery will find the device as a known device and all rules/app instances will carry on as before.
If it's zwave is there a configure button on the device page in the ui?

Try doing a manual wakeup.. Click the button in the back 3 times.

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Could also try to force it to inactive by sending it an inactive message.

I wrote this for someone a while back to get a contact sensor unstuck, might work:
App to Force Close/Inactive for a sensor

The LZW60 is Z-wave.

Thanks for the suggestion. No bueno.

Tried this. Interesting. The app has a bug that requires a contact sensor to be chosen, even though I only want to reset the motion detector. It now shows inactive. Unfortunately now it was show motion. I've tried everything I can think of including bcoplands three click salute. This sensor is just not that good and now it's gone nuts after the battery died. Ugh.

Just to close the loop here. Looks like I resolved it by doing a complete factory reset (back button 5 secs). Re-paired device. It is working. Now to re-do all occurrences of this device... Thanks for everyones suggestions.

Didn't used to, I'll have to check that out when I get home. Was a bit of a "Hail Mary"...

Hey, worth a shot. I appreciate it.

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With the Fibaro motion sensor (z-wave) you can push the B button 3 times to wake it up. You can then press the configure button in the UI for the device and it downloads the parameters again. This includes temp, battery, acceleration and motion state.
Maybe try that with this device.
Like I say I haven't got one so don't know if this will work or not.
May be worth a try.