LZW36 Fan and Light Switch

So this is for fans with AC motors only. Just my luck I have DC motors on most of my fans and it seems to be hard to find ceiling fans with AC motors. It looks like most manufacturers are moving to DC motors. Does anyone know of a company that still has a decent line up of fans with AC motors?


What region of the world are you in? Also, you want to specifically use this switch? So, coming with an integrated controller isn't necessary?

I live in northern Mexico about 60 miles south of the Arizona border. I was hoping to use that switch as I like the other functions it offers besides control of the fan. Is there something else that would give me automated control of an existing fan with a DC motor?

If you have a fan with a DC motor where the power supply (to go from AC to DC) and control are built into the fan, then no, you cannot control that fan from any outside control. If you have a fan with an external control/power supply, then I would contact the manufacturer.

This is why most ceiling fans in the US are either AC. If you go into the US, almost all (if not all) the fans at your big-box stores (Lowes & Home Depot for example) will be AC fans. The only way to find them is to do a specific search. And looking at the installation instructions, they are simply provided with AC power. There is no way to wire in a separate external control.

You could also use a Bond Hub or another RF bridge to control the fan but that is a HUGE step down from the switch that you mentioned.

I was looking at fans on Amazon and it seemed like most were now using DC motors like Hunter, Casablanca, Harbor Breeze, etc. There are a few exceptions but many are now DC. I'll keep looking.

Really? I'm in the US and when I do a search for "Ceiling Fan" there are no DC options on the first page. I have to do a specific search for DC ceiling fan to find any on Amazon.

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Try MinkaAire. You can get them on eBay, too, which is where I got a replacement for one with a noisy motor.
Ours is wired to a Lutron fan controller, not the LZW-36, but works fine for us.

Thanks. Found a couple on their site that are AC. Many are DC too. You pretty much need to see what remote control they come with and then look that up to see if it is for their DC or AC fans. A few product sheet state DC but a few don't yet the remotes are for the DC motor fans. Like:

Minka Group® :: BRANDS :: Minka-Aire® :: F1001-ORB uses DR600 remote

But Minka Group® :: BRANDS :: Minka-Aire® :: F1000-HBZ is AC and uses RCS213 remote yet the fans look the same other than their size. Go figure!

But that remote will no longer work because you are going to have to disconnect the control mechanism in favor of the switch that you want to use (either the Lutron or the Inovelli). You can't use both at once. The control mechanism are going to fight with each other. Anything with a built in controller and remote will not work with any of the smart switches. So, I wouldn't spend the extra money for one with an included remote. In fact, that might make installation of your smart switch impossible.

Yep, the Minka remotes went into the unused box. You don’t pay extra for them, it’s just a wasted part of the purchase price.

Not just that, but you will have to remove what ever controller they are connected to in the fan as well. You want the Lutron to go directly to the motor. Otherwise you could have an issue (i.e. the controller also converts to DC). So, it's easier to buy a fan with just a pullchain controller as those are compatible with external controls.

The Lutron fan switch (Model# PD-FSQN-WH-R Single-Pole Caseta Wireless Smart Fan Speed Control) was a direct swap for the Minka switches on our Minka F524 fans. No modification necessary to the fan.

Ya those are AC motors on those so that works. I have found a few on Lowe's web page that are AC motors so I may be in business now. Thanks!

The replacement F524 was open box on eBay ($89.99), much cheaper than Lowe’s.

Few? Almost all of the fans on the Lowes website are AC. What criteria are you using to establish if the fan is AC or DC? DC fans will usually say so specifically in the title. Otherwise I would consider it an AC fan.

I'm drilling into the specs and if it doesn't specifically state then I'm looking at the manufacturers page. Pull chain fans are all AC but a lot of the other's aren't like and my WAF is restrictive when it comes to ceiling fans. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And physics is very restrictive about what electrical controls work with what equipment. Unfortunately, physics is stronger than your wire.

@johnwick you must not be married... :rofl:


Well, when your wife can make an AC fan dimmer work with a DC fan, you let me know. My point was that you are restricted to devices that will physically work together. No amount of nagging or complaining will make something work that just won't work.

You got it buddy!

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