Luxrite CCT Selectable

My first post so forgive me for mistakes. Did search for a couple of hours for what I am looking for and no result.

Anyone tried these ? color is controlled via dip switch. Any way this can be done via HE ? Having a hard time finding recessed LED's with candles design and the ability to control color temp via HE. Recommendations would be great :slight_smile:


Very doubtful considering the DIP switch is manual. The intent with these products is that you choose the color temperature at time of installation. (I don't doubt that someone electrically inclined could create a replacement for that component that is remotely addressable, but at that point you might as well go for a smart bulb.)

However, you could still control the bulbs to some extent from Hubitat: on/off would work with any in-wall smart switch. :slight_smile: A smart dimmer might also work, but that spec sheet doesn't make it clear that dimming is supported, so I'd check first.

What exactly is this? I'm only familiar with candelabra bulbs, which are generally not recessed since the point is that they (arguably) look decorative.

Thanks for the feedback I figured as such. My goal was to find lights for the bedrooms to use the circadian app. My issue was most smart Bulb’s are exactly that Bulb’s. Not recessed fixtures but no biggie.

Also as for the last question I’m sorry it was an auto correct. I was asking about a smart bulb in a “Canless recessed led design”. Not “candles” :wink:

Thanks again

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