Lux Kono thermostat

Does anyone have experience with this thermostat? My wife picked this one as her preferred and now I’m trying to make sure it works properly with my hub. The compatibility chart says zigbee, but the device appears to be WiFi. I’m concerned if it’s the same device or if they’ve made some changes and it’s not compatible anymore. I searched the forums but don’t see any posts. Thanks!

We support the zigbee version, not the Wi-Fi one.

Thanks for clarifying. I don’t seem to be able to find the z version for sale. Will look at other options.

Hey bfish - I was looking for the same thermostat and was able to find it at Lowes for $129. You might be able to find it elsewhere; look for model #KN-Z-WH1-B04

Thanks Chip - I searched the local Lowes and their website and unfortunately it's not listed. I sent Lux an email to see if they still manufacture it. Will update.

Do anyone know if they have the Lux Kono Thermostat for EU/Skandinavia?
By that I mean the wiring, A and Voltage

I don’t know... but if you tell me what to look for I can and let you know. Or maybe check out their online manuals. Or email them (they were very responsive)

I emailed them about purchasing the KonoZ and they helped me out. I have it sitting here waiting to be installed - hoping for this weekend.


What's the deal with Lux over this Konoz? I emailed them asking about buying it and I am told they do not sell it openly. They told me I have to call and talk to someone. Not sure what that is all about.

I ordered one using this link. Shipped today.

Here is the direct link I found to order them:

KONOz – JohnsonControlsInc

Simple & Intuitive to use Seamless integration with your smart home Battery powered with up to two years battery life Have full control of your heating and cooling from anywhere using the smart Hubitat App Control your KONOz...


This weekend I finally installed one in my house. Nice thermostat - easy to install, easy to program, appears to work well with Hubitat.

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What type of thermostat were you using prior to the KONOz? I am interested to hear your opinion of whether or not the KONOz provides a more 'comfortable' overall climate experience.

I have two Nest thermostats and I have always believed that they require just a bit too much 'temperature swing' before kicking the system on. Looking at the specs for the KONOz, it appears that the 'temperature swing' is user adjustable.

I live in North Carolina, so the house can feel pretty warm due to the humidity and high outside temperature with Nest seeming to require almost a 2 degree temperature swing.

I appreciate anything you can share regarding your experiences with the KONOz thermostat.


Ecobee's are adjustable, however I have a love/hate relationship with this cloud dependent device.

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Yes, you can adjust the swing. 0; .25; .5; 1; and 2.25

It’s easy to program and looks good on the wall (my wife likes it, I don’t really care about the looks as long as she’s happy). It has a nice, easy to read display. We went with all white option.

(I live in NC too so very familiar with the temperature/humidity issues)

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I received my Konoz today, nice packaging, fast shipping, detailed manual. Easy to install paired with HE correctly without issue. So far so good, definitely happy to have local control of my thermostat via HE now!

Now just need to sell off my 3rd Gen Nest.

@mike.maxwell I noticed in the device setting the battery state has a value of -200. I'm using a "c-wire" install so it would seem it would make sense that the state just show as "none" or have no value at all?


Also seeing this "warn" in the logging repeatedly, is it something you need to know about?


I am a Nest Thermostat user that has an interest in these KONOz thermostats. I am curious if you find your overall home temperature comfort improved, degraded, or the same when running the KONOz versus the Nest? I feel like Nest is definitely biased a little too much toward energy savings versus comfort. I am curious to hear your perceptions and opinions as you gain more firsthand experience with the new KONOz.



I agree that the nest did keep things a little on the "chill" side where ecobee was on the "warm" side. I haven't actually had my heat running yet as It's a balmy 60 degrees here in Anchorage, Alaska (summer time!) right now, and I don't have A/C for obvious reasons.

Only thing I can observe at this point is that the reported "room temperature" of the thermostat appears to be very close to my smartthings 2018 motion sensor located about 4 feet away, so that's promising.

So far setting setpoints and receiving changes from the thermostat in HE seem to be very quick (almost real-time) but I'm using it with a c-wire so that may make things quicker.

Another user contacted me in a PM asking about my observation about delayed cooling, which I couldn't comment on either, but it may be of something to note in your case. Evidently Lux has a "pending cooling" feature that will delay the A/C kicking in by 5 minutes (it's supposed to be for easing the load on the pump). The other user noted this as being A LOT longer than Nest's delay and doesn't appear to be adjustable.

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Thanks for the feedback! It's been averaging 95F for our high temps this week. Feedback on how it handles AC in a humid environment is what I'd like to hear.

Now that some of you have had the Konoz for awhile, what do you think? My nest just died, so I am doing some quick research before we bake at 90 degrees in the house.

If you would recommend some other Zigbee or Z-Wave thermostat, I am wide open to all recommendations.

Thank you!

I have 2. Best thermostats I've owned. I love how they look and they've been rock solid since installed.

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+1 :point_up_2:

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